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DIY Project Planner

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The ultimate guide to helping you plan out your home DIY projects. Perfect for building a new home, home renovations, & anyone passionate about getting their DIY dreams organized and planned! 

What is the Project Planner

The project planner is a physical hardcover journal that allows you to do all of the following:

175 pages packed with prompts to keep your projects organized! 

Plan out a years worth of projects – place them in the months you’d like to tackle them. (Some projects you have to push back because to allow time to save up. Outdoor projects during the appropriate months).

UN-DATED Calendar - allowing you to go at your own pace, take a month or two off of projects, and pick back up without any wasted paper. 

12 separate projects, each with their own section, monthly view & weekly view

Sketch out your build on graph paper or use the graph paper to map out your plywood cuts (it’s scaled to a 4×8′ sheet of plywood!)

Plan your wood board cuts to determine how many pieces of lumber you need to purchase for your project & how to cut your boards to get the least amount of scrap!

Break up each project into phases. List the anticipated start and end date, estimate your budget. Completing projects in phases is the best way to keep momentum and make the whole project seem less daunting. 

Punch Lists for each phase – the to-do steps, supply list, days of the week space so you can organize your time.

24 Pocket folders – keep tabs on your receipts, wallpaper samples, paint chips and any other design & project related materials with each project.

Expense Tracker – quickly be able to tally up your receipts and project expenses.

Motivational Quotes – because who doesn’t need a little pick me up motivation mid project planning?

Removable bookmark with ruler dimensions. Mark your place & draw your plans to scale. 

Builtin elastic bookmarker. Keep tabs on where you left off. 

PLUS…. an entire ebook quick reference guide valued at $25. 

Quick Reference Guide is a one stop shop for all the things you might be wondering during your project plannings.

 Whats the best paint? What sheen do I buy for walls vs. ceilings? What type of wood should I use for this project? Nominal vs. Actual board dimensions (did you know a 2×4 is not actually 2 inches by 4 inches?). When to spray vs. roll paint? When to caulk vs. wood fill? How to create a mood board?

ALL these questions and then some are answered in the quick reference guide!



Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
JoVaughn Anderson
Love it

It’s so beautiful! I almost didn’t want to write in it. It’s well thought out and makes organizing projects easy.

The Best Planner!

This planner is amazing! It was very well thought out when it came to what went into it and how to set it up. When doing house projects it’s easy to lose important notes or products or paint colors you’ve used but with the planner I can keep it all in one place and not have to worry about it! It also helps that it’s designed so pretty!

Danielle Guadagnolo
Project success

Project success thanks to this amazing planner. This planner is the absolute best tool in the workshop to keep track and on task for anyone looking to plan and do their DIY. Love love love the pockets!

Wonderful design

This is a great planner to keep projects organized! It has great features, I love that she included pockets! I am one to write things in All different places and then lose my lists!

Emmalee Foss
So Helpful!

I bought this planner when it first came out! I have already used it several times for my home projects! This planner has helped me stay organized and think through my plans for future projects! I love that I can draw out my plans and use the extra space to make my own mood board, along with keeping myself on budget... my boyfriend loves that feature the most! Strongly recommend for anyone who is starting off with projects as there are many helpful tips and tricks included in the book to help you along the way!!