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DIY Beginner Basics

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DIY Beginners Basics Online Course

Ready to make your house a home, you love?

This is the online course developed specifically for you, someone who is very new to DIY, home improvement, and design.  The hardest part of starting your own home projects is knowing the materials to use, how to start, and most importantly how to preserver through those mess-ups to get a product you are proud of.  DIY Beginner Basics was designed with no fluff, just the real stuff to get you started on your DIY journey.  Showcasing the best products to use for any given application to help eliminate frustrations, money wasted, and the why & how-to behind it all. 


Do you know when to use wood filler vs. caulk?
How to use a paint sprayer?

When is priming necessary?
The difference between a bevel or a miter?
What screws to use for each project?
How to design furniture with sketchup or create mood boards?  


If you answered NO to any of the above questions, DIY Beginner Basics is for YOU! Christine has helped hundreds of women, most who had never touched a power tool before the course build up the confidence to install shiplap, renovate kitchens, build furniture, customize their homes to a place they love! So what are you waiting for? 


What you'll get:

  • 40 engaging videos showing step by step instruction for tools, projects, and creating DIY. 
  • Ask your questions and get encouraging support from fellow DIY students in our Facebook group.
  • REFER A FRIEND! For every friend that signs up you'll receive $10!


This course is an online course. One time payment gives lifetime access. No refunds will be issued on this digital product. Honey Built Home, Gummersall Enterprises LLC will not be held liable for any injuries, damage, or loss sustained due to the student's project. Please adhere to all local building codes and refer back to the instruction manual for your specific tool instruction. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great Purchase!

I absolutely LOVE this course. I am not new to DIY, but I have learned so much from this program. I feel more confident in what I am doing, and I love that I can always go back and rewatch something if I am not sure just how to do it. It has been such a great resource for my DIY journey. SO worth the price, when you you can save so much money doing things yourself. Can’t wait to start my next project!!

Alex Jacobs
Worth Every Penny!

I had completed a few DIY projects before starting this course, but I had never created anything I was very proud of. I purchased this course in hopes of finding some tips that would improve my skills but it has done so much more than that. After watching the videos, I felt more confident walking in to hardware stores, I wasn’t scared to step out of my comfort zone, and I was finally proud of what I was creating. I purchased the course about 2 years ago and I still refer to the videos often! If you are considering any projects in your home, I cannot recommend this course enough! Thank you Christine!
- AJ_Redesigns

Sammie Ernisse
What are you waiting for?

But seriously?! 🤣 I can talk for HOURS about how big of an impact this course has had on me! Not only did I feel motivated from the moment I started watching But I also instantly began to learn SO much. What’s even better is a year and a half later I can still go back and rewatch those videos! With every new project and skill that I am learning along the way, I am so thankful to have this course to revert back to. Whether you are brand new and needing to learn the basics of tools, or diving deeper into building walls… This course is for YOU! And I’d also like to mention that not only is the course absolutely amazing and life-changing, but the community that you get with it is just as powerful. ❤️🙌🏼 beyond thank for Christine in being such a core memory to my design journey!

Nikki S
So helpful

I didn't know if I should buy this course, since there are quite a few things I knew. We have all the tools, since my husband did carpentry with his dad. He hates it by the way! I'm intrigued. I learned in 2010 how to lay flooring. I've since then laid laminate flooring in 5 bedrooms. Tiled our shower. Our bathroom floors, etc. But I want to learn to build things. Cabinets, furniture, etc... and even with doing all those things, this course still had stuff that I didn't know or even a different approach.

Julie Carmona
Life Changing!!

To say Christine changed my life is an understatement! 🤣 Seriously this course taught me sooooo much! Basic power tool use, what is what 🙃 and what they’re for. Basics on painting, staining, wood filler, caulking etc. Everything you need to know to get started and how to start. My favorite part was when she takes you shopping to home depot and goes over where things are and what’s what!! Home Depot used to be so intimidating! Since starting the course I have been on a roll and can’t believe what I’ve accomplished! Thanks to Christine you can too! Here is a picture of my first project board and batten! 😍 I can’t recommend her course enough you won’t regret it!!
- Juliecarmonahome 🏡